Friday, April 6, 2018

April 4th, 2018

Dear friends and brothers,
Once again we bring you some prayer requests for your quiet time before the Lord. Praying for us is the best way you can support our ministry.

 ·         Hannah and Giselle arrived last February and they are both doing very good. Thank you so much for your prayers throughout their missionary apprenticeship in Bolivia. We ask you continue praying for them as they go through reversal cultural shock.

·         Pioneer Bible Translation ( offered a seminar called Discovery here in Recife area. Discovery was a great opportunity to find and meet people who have a heart formissions, mainly for translating the Bible.

·         After Discovery, our family had the opportunity to host one of PBT’s veteran missionaries—Marsha Martin.    It was a tremendous blessing to host someone who has so much experience in life and in missions. Let’s pray that the Lord of the harvest may lift up more missionaries with a heart like Marsha’s.

·         I am teaching almost every day of the week. Pray that more than just passing knowledge, God is using me to pass his transforming Word.

·         Pray for my evangelistic contacts, that they may bear good fruits.

·         Last but not least, pray hard for the political atmosphere in Brazil which is getting very hostile from both left and right wing. Today ex-president Lula is being judged (again!). At the end of the year we have presidential election and he is the main candidate.

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Under his grace and peace,
Bio and Dayse Nascimento